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We give medical professionals and patients the online tools to manage native medical images and reports in a collaborating environment.

What is Mylvas?

Mylvas stands out as an exceptional and authentic Personal Health Record, exclusively under the ownership and management of the individual. It encompasses diverse original findings and images, meticulously organized for effortless accessibility.
This innovative platform enables secure and confidential communication between patients and healthcare experts, transcending geographical and linguistic limitations, ensuring worldwide diagnostic and treatment collaboration without hindrances.

The individual person is empowered managing his/her Personal Medical Record and may share it or request for e.g. second opinions worldwide.
The healthcare professionals and health practices may improve overall patient care and increase operational efficiency.
All data & images are managed in one application and hosted centrally.
Data is available & accessible from everywhere at any time in several languages
Interfaces with all kinds of new and legacy systems
Independency from incumbent suppliers
More effective co-operation between peers and medical centers
Strengthens the trust relationship between referring doctors & patients
We respect the patient’s rights & decision taking
  • Accessing rights are under the full control of the patient and can be assigned easily.
  • Documents are automatically translated into the language of the reader or healthcare professional in real-time

Why use Mylvas?

Why is Mylvas so different?

Classical Systems

Classical Systems usually come with proprietary solutions. It makes the user vendor dependent. Often it is related with Hardware and hence becomes a very expensive solution in terms of Cost of Ownership.

Classical Systems or Applications offer limited access and control to the individual patient. The ownership remains at the level of the carers ( Clinic, Healthcare Professional et).

Classical Systems or Applications typically restrict sharing of data between users of similar systems only.


Mylvas is a Vendor neutral solution. The platform is Cloud based and accessible via standard protocols and technology. Hence, it is a much more flexible and cost-efficient solution.

The individual Patient is in full control of its data, the individual decides when to share medical information with local healthcare professionals. This happens in a very easy and user-friendly way, even in their own language.

The Healthcare Professional will appreciate the independence of other systems, legacy or not. Several interfaces with legacy systems exist in order to guarantee the continuity of the use of those systems.

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